CONTROLS: WASD or Arrow keys to move, ESC or P to pause

OBJECTIVE: Complete the challenges while keeping your health up!

You're a toucan stranded on an island with nothing (except the feathers on your back) to call your own! Resigned to your fate, you can do nothing except wallow your last days away, hunger pains wracking your body completely. That is until you hear a distant sound, like thunder. Looking up into the sky you see a strange metal bird pass overhead, leaving a trail of stones in it's wake. "How strange..." you think to yourself, "Why are they dropping sto-" Your words are cut short as the stones start to rain down on your island. They are all strange shapes, in fact that one looks like a...

"Banana!" you shout as you realize these are no stones, but instead fruit - and edible at that. You're saved! As your beak sinks into the first banana, you let the flavour wash through your mouth. Never have you tasted such sweet nectar! To think at the beginning, you had nothing, and have now been blessed with all of the food you could ever eat. You must have helped many old ladies cross the street in a past life. Looking around, the amount of fruit now on your island is almost overwhelming. "Why would anyone drop all this fruit here?" you wonder. 

As the excitement of the delicious food fades away, you realize you feel different. Revitalized for sure, but there's something that makes you feel uneasy. Oh well, you're not one to shoot a gift horse in the mouth. You take a step towards the next fruit, or at least that's what you meant to do. Instead you step sideways, almost tripping over yourself. You're not drunk, or at least this doesn't feel like that time you ate those old berries. No, instead you feel as if you're being affected by some unknown force. If all the fruit is like this...

This is going to be harder than you thought!

All Assets have been exclusively created for the Jam.
Made by Kyysel and Partymongrel


Download 41 MB

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